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How we see the world

The world of modern fiat finance is built on the basis of credit and interest. It is erroneously believed that it is precisely the loan interest that is the key evil. In our opinion, this is just a mechanism for seizing control over collateral, whatever they are - financial assets, property, or the consumer of the loan himself. The credit, as a form of payment, that forms a pyramid at the top of which there is a group of organizations and people, the so-called "masters of money".

This group, within their community, has an infinite amount of credit, free from collateral. But for all the rest, the loan is provided in exchange for money and secured by collateral. That is why money in the modern world is a commodity that serves the main settlement mechanism - credit.

Most states, including wealthy and industrialized ones, do not have a sovereign monetary circulation. This situation has developed as a result of a number of decisions and events, as a result of which the US dollar has taken a dominant position in fiat money circulation. Rubles of the Russian Federation are "wrapped" dollars, they arise as a derivative from a credit in US dollars secured by the gold and foreign exchange reserves of the Bank of Russia. This state of affairs suited everyone for a long time, but this period is over. The reason is that, despite inflation and various “market bubbles”, the capacity of collateral at a reasonable price has run out, and on a global scale.

The format of the document does not imply a detailed analysis of dollar and ruble circulation, there are many good authors and sensible materials devoted to this topic. So let's move on to the conclusions that we consider correct:

  • The system of monetary circulation based on credit has exhausted itself and will soon be dismantled or will self-destruct

  • Free fiat resources must be “packed” into liquid media that are not subject to inflation and physical deterioration. This task corresponds to both precious metals and a number of cryptocurrency assets, despite the current market volatility

  • The function of capital accumulation will be returned to money. But a minority will use this, the “silent” majority will be forced to have to be satisfied with monetary surrogates - CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) and their analogues

We believe that people with an active lifestyle are able to find themselves in the new economic reality, keep their businesses and, perhaps, take a new position in society at the expense of the old elites, which will inevitably be almost completely replaced.

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