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What we want to change

Slavia Finance returns to use a well-forgotten, but extremely correct principle - money against obligations. In other words, first there is an exchange of obligations and only then money. And no credit. At the same time, each obligation is secured by fiat or cryptocurrency assets and all actions recorded in the blockchain.

It is this principle that underlies the circulation of bills of exchange or promissory notes and Slavia Finance sets itself the task of reviving it on new technological principles without changing the nature of the bill. To do this, we use the possibilities of Web 3.0, of which the most significant for us are:

  • Blockchain - provides a distributed, damage-resistant storage of commitment records - conditions, state, whether settlements have been made

  • Blockchain consensus protocol - eliminates the possibility of making changes to the blockchain without the consent of each of the parties in relationship, this applies to both obligations and settlements

  • Obligations and settlements can be implemented without human intervention - only through the implementation of a pre-agreed protocol for the execution of an agreement programmed in a smart contract

We believe in this approach because Web 3.0 is based on mathematics, namely cryptography. Thanks to existing cryptographic technologies, it is possible to know with confidence that this or that action was performed by the right person, and the obligations assumed were accepted by each of the parties of the agreement.

Slavia Finance creates products and a technological platform for their delivery for a wide range of customers. Some part will be interested exclusively in international settlements without the risk of losing money, and someone will decide to deeply explore the possibilities and advantages of our digital platform. In any case, we will provide each of our clients with the most important thing - a transparent exchange of obligations and guaranteed settlement of them.

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