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Project brief

The Slavia Finance project was created to implement the idea of secure settlements using secured obligations. The bill of exchange circulation system has a proven reliability and Slavia Finance sets itself the task of reviving it on new technological principles without changing the nature of the bill.

The economic reality of international trade has changed radically, at least for legal entities or enterprises legally or property related to the Russian Federation. To date, there are no banks in the Russian Federation that could guarantee the receipt of funds from Russia to foreign counterparties.

Slavia Finance offers a reliable settlement model using the financing of export and import transactions. The security of transactions is ensured by the fact that Slavia Finance first independently makes settlements with foreign counterparties of the client, delivers goods, provides documents agreed in advance, and only then receives payment from the client. A validating bank is involved in transactions, which makes the final settlement between Slavia Finance and the client. As a result of the transaction, Slavia Finance transfers the closing documents to the client in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The Slavia Finance platform is built around the client's personal account where are kept the balances of his assets, orders for deals, transactions, withdrawal of funds are accepted and also stored history records. The platform has an intuitive interface, reminiscent of a bank's personal account. At the same time, each client is assigned a personal manager, who is available around the clock and any day of the week. The task of the manager is to answer the questions that have arisen, suggest the right solution, provide feedback from the Slavia Finance in an uninterrupted mode.

The Slavia Finance platform is built on the basis of modern technological ideas based on Web 3.0. Clients of Slavia Finance have access to all the benefits of owning Digital Financial Assets (DFA), such as cryptocurrencies and NFT tokens. Slavia Finance will provide a full cycle of DFA ownership for legal entities of the Russian Federation, as well as provide the necessary consulting and legal support to the client's personnel in the process of using DFA.

For the purpose of long-term storage of DFA, Slavia Finance will provide equipment, resources, knowledge and regulatory materials that will allow organizing the safe storage of DFA for an arbitrarily long time. DFA carriers are placed in bank-type vaults with additional protection against electromagnetic impulses. But even in case of loss of the media themselves or access to them, it will be possible to restore access to the DFA by securely storing physical copies of the client's cryptographic assets.

Slavia Finance is open to cooperation and ready to provide services to interested parties. In addition, within the Slavia Finance circuit there are investment opportunities on conditions better than the market, and both service clients and independent investors can join them.

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